A-Level: Modern still life

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Giacomo Balla, <em> Street Light</em>
Giacomo Balla, Street Light

Rejecting traditional subject matter, Balla paints an object that is forthrightly modern and technological.

Henri Matisse, <em>The Blue Window</em>
Henri Matisse, The Blue Window

When Matisse painted this, all the cool kids were into cubist geometry—and Matisse was definitely cool.

Henri Matisse, <em>Goldfish</em>
Henri Matisse, Goldfish

To say that Matisse “had a thing for goldfish” would be kind of an understatement.

Henri Matisse, <em>The Red Studio</em>
Henri Matisse, The Red Studio

In this painting of the artist’s studio, it’s Matisse vs. the illusion of space in a bloody battle royale.