A-Level: Modern urban life

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Fauve Landscapes and City Views
Fauve Landscapes and City Views

The Fauves created paintings that seem to celebrate the pleasures of painting as much as the pleasures of life.

Umberto Boccioni and the Futurist City
Umberto Boccioni and the Futurist City

The Futurists called for the destruction of museums, libraries, and cultural monuments and glorified modern technology and the speed of automobiles, trains, and airplanes.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, <em>Street, Berlin</em>
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street, Berlin

Kirchner’s claustrophobic city scene reflects on a culture where everything is for sale.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, <em>Street, Dresden</em>
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street, Dresden

Kirchner defines his city with only the figures: there is not a building in view.

Carlo Carrà, <em>Funeral of the Anarchist Galli</em>
Carlo Carrà, Funeral of the Anarchist Galli

A visit to Paris, after preparing a study for this painting, changed Carrà’s whole approach for the final canvas.