A-Level: Renaissance in Italy—Mythological works in 2D or 3D in Florence + Rome + Venice

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Titian, <em>Venus of Urbino</em>
Titian, Venus of Urbino

The female nude emerged as a genre in the Renaissance.

Sex, Power, and Violence in the Renaissance Nude
Sex, Power, and Violence in the Renaissance Nude

Explore the complex power dynamics of images of the female body in the Renaissance

Raphael, <em>Galatea</em>
Raphael, Galatea

With her twisting, spiraling body, this beautiful sea nymph embodies the complexity of High Renaissance movement.

Correggio, <em>Jupiter and Io</em>
Correggio, Jupiter and Io

With her open mouth, tilted head, and soft flesh, Io exudes sensuality, giving herself up willingly to Jupiter.

Sandro Botticelli, <em>The Birth of Venus</em>
Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus

That shell! That pose! That wind! So much in this painting seems impossible, not least its divine beauty.

Jacopo Tintoretto, <em>The Origin of the Milky Way</em>
Jacopo Tintoretto, The Origin of the Milky Way

Jupiter swoops down and brings Hercules to nurse at Juno’s breast. The milk that spurts up creates the Milky Way.

Sandro Botticelli, <em>La Primavera (Spring)</em>
Sandro Botticelli, La Primavera (Spring)

Who wouldn’t be at peace? Mars enters the realm of Venus, where the Three Graces dance and Flora strews blossoms.

Titian, <em>Bacchus and Ariadne</em>
Titian, Bacchus and Ariadne

Opposites attract? In this mythological love story, colors clash, bodies twist, and actions conflict.