A-level: Modernism in Europe

Two world wars, sweeping technological change, and the undoing of traditional academic art.


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The 20th century saw radical shifts in the way art was made—and it kept on shifting.

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A-level: Modern art and reality
A-level: Modern art and reality

By observing nature more closely, absorbing new scientific theories and spiritual investigations, many modern artists sought higher truths.

A-Level: Sample set of works for Modernism in Europe
A-Level: Sample set of works for Modernism in Europe

Created in Europe between 1900-39, this set of works includes paintings of urban life and modern factory buildings.

A-Level: Alberto Giacometti, <em>The Palace at 4 a.m.</em>
A-Level: Alberto Giacometti, The Palace at 4 a.m.

The architectural forms of a dream are constructed as a stage set, ready to be taken apart and reconfigured.

A-Level: Constantin Brancusi, <em>The Kiss</em>
A-Level: Constantin Brancusi, The Kiss

Brancusi retains the materiality of the stone, honoring it rather than denying it as past artists had done.

A-Level: Constantin Brancusi, <em>Bird in Space</em>
A-Level: Constantin Brancusi, Bird in Space

When this traveled from France to the U.S. for an exhibition, customs agents couldn’t believe it was a work of art.

A-Level: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, <em>Self-Portrait As a Soldier</em>
A-Level: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Self-Portrait As a Soldier

Kirchner is rendered unable to create or destroy in this nightmarish wartime painting.

A-Level: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, <em>Street, Dresden</em>
A-Level: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street, Dresden

Kirchner defines his city with only the figures: there is not a building in view.

A-Level: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, <em>Street, Berlin</em>
A-Level: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Street, Berlin

Kirchner’s claustrophobic city scene reflects on a culture where everything is for sale.

A-Level: Expressionism, an introduction
A-Level: Expressionism, an introduction

Not a term chosen by the artists, it describes art that emphasized the emotional impact over descriptive accuracy.

A-Level: Georges Braque, <em>Le Viaduc à L’Estaque, (The Viaduct at L’Estaque)</em>
A-Level: Georges Braque, Le Viaduc à L’Estaque, (The Viaduct at L’Estaque)

An homage to Cézanne, but also a reaction to having seen Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, Braque is exploring.

A-Level: Georges Braque, <em>The Portuguese</em>
A-Level: Georges Braque, The Portuguese

What does this painting by Braque have to do with a cup of coffee?

A-Level: Henri Matisse, <em>Bonheur de Vivre</em>
A-Level: Henri Matisse, Bonheur de Vivre

Though its languid poses reference Titian, this was regarded as the most radical painting of its day.