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William Sidney Mount, <em>Bargaining for a Horse</em>
William Sidney Mount, Bargaining for a Horse

Is there a political message behind this image of two farmers settling the price of a horse?

Richard Caton Woodville, <em>War News from Mexico</em>
Richard Caton Woodville, War News from Mexico

Painted for a divided US, people from North and South could identify with this image—others remain marginalized.

Francis Guy, <em>Winter Scene in Brooklyn</em>
Francis Guy, Winter Scene in Brooklyn

This snowy image of a bygone Brooklyn is sprinkled with farm animals, townspeople... and casual racism.

Winslow Homer, <em>Northeaster</em>
Winslow Homer, Northeaster

The artist eliminated a key element of this innovative painting five years after he finished it.

Winslow Homer,<em> The Life Line</em>
Winslow Homer, The Life Line

Suspended above the sea, the drama of this rescue scene comes from nature, not man.

Winslow Homer, <em>The Fog Warning</em> (or <em>Halibut Fishing</em>)
Winslow Homer, The Fog Warning (or Halibut Fishing)

Homer’s fisherman just wants to bring his halibut safely to his ship—but as usual, nature is ruining everything.

Grafton Tyler Brown, <em>View of the Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone</em>
Grafton Tyler Brown, View of the Lower Falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

In order to capture the beauty of America’s national parks, Brown faced the prejudices of the lawless West.

Thomas Eakins, <em>The Gross Clinic</em>
Thomas Eakins, The Gross Clinic

Men in suits cut open a leg while their teacher holds a bloody, gloveless hand aloft. Gross indeed.

Thomas Eakins, <em>The Champion Single Sculls (Max Schmitt in a Single Scull)</em>
Thomas Eakins, The Champion Single Sculls (Max Schmitt in a Single Scull)

Eakins’ serene river scene celebrates a personal friend as well as an interest in masculine athleticism.

Eastman Johnson, <em>A Ride for Liberty — The Fugitive Slaves</em>
Eastman Johnson, A Ride for Liberty — The Fugitive Slaves

Johnson’s moving painting of a family fleeing slavery places the courage of African-Americans center stage.

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