Dr. Ananda Cohen-Aponte

About Dr. Ananda Cohen-Aponte

Ananda Cohen-Aponte is Associate Professor of History of Art who works on the visual culture of colonial Latin America, with special interests in issues of cross-cultural exchange, historicity, identity, and anti-colonial movements. Her recent book, Heaven, Hell, and Everything in Between: Murals of the Colonial Andes (University of Texas Press, 2016) explores the intersections between art, politics, religion, and society in mural paintings located in colonial churches across the southern Andes.

Detail of a Mantle, Nazca, 0-100 C.E., cotton and camelid fiber, 300 x 162 cm (Brooklyn Museum)
The inhabitants of the Andes developed a stunning visual tradition that lasted over 10,000 years before the Spanish invasion of South America in 1532.

Introduction to Ancient Andean Art