Dr. Carmen Ripollés

About Dr. Carmen Ripollés

Dr. Ripollés is assistant professor of art history at Portland State University (Oregon). She specializes in the art of the Hispanic World during the early modern period, with emphasis on early modern artistic theory, notions of artistic identity, and material culture. She has published in Emblematica and Renaissance Quarterly, and is the author of the entry on Bodegones in Oxford Bibliographies.

Folding Screen (biombo) with the Siege of Belgrade (front) and Hunting Scene (reverse), c. 1697-1701, Mexico, oil on wood, inlaid with mother-of-pearl, 229.9 x 275.8 cm (Brooklyn Museum)
We can’t deny that one strand of the global Baroque is its Catholic, monarchical, and colonizing nature, but this doesn’t mean that there wasn’t room for artistic individuality, experimentation, or even dissent.

Introduction to the Global Baroque