Dr. Jaclyn Neel

About Dr. Jaclyn Neel

Dr. Jaclyn Neel earned her PhD in Classics and Ancient History from the University of Toronto and now enjoys teaching at York University. She has written several articles on Roman myth and religion, and her first book, “Legendary Rivals”, was recently published by Brill. She also provides guidance to people taking their first steps in advanced research through her blog (libraryofantiquity.wordpress.com).

Achilles sacrificing Trojan prisoners to the shade of Patroclus, tablinum of the François Tomb, Vulci (Villa Albani, Rome)
The François Tomb is chock-full of elaborate frescoes with complicated messages we may never fully understand.

The François Tomb

Capitoline Wolf, 5th century B.C.E. or medieval, bronze, 75 cm (Capitoline Museums, Rome)
Abandoned as infants, the mythical founders of Rome were raised by a she-wolf.

Capitoline She-wolf