Dr. Karen Stern

Karen Stern is an award-winning author who draws from fields of archaeology, anthropology, history and religion to research the daily lives and material cultures of Jews of the ancient Mediterranean, Arabia and Mesopotamia. She earned an A.B. in Classics at Dartmouth College, Ph.D. in Religious Studies at Brown University and has conducted field research in Greece, the Middle East and North Africa with grants, fellowships and residencies from National Endowment for the Humanities, CAORC and the Getty Villa. She is author of Inscribing Devotion and Death: Archaeological Evidence for Jewish Populations of North Africa (Brill 2007); Writing on the Wall: Graffiti and the Forgotten Jews of Antiquity (PUP 2018; 2020), winner of a 2020 Schnitzer Book Award; and co-editor of With the Loyal You Show Yourself Loyal (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2021). Her current book project considers Jewish history through the senses. The Daily Beast, Atlas Obscura, NPR, and the Guardian have featured her work.