Dr. Kelly Enright

MTV's moonman, first broadcast 1981
It's never been harder to define "art" than it is today, but one thing is certain — artists are always having a conversation with the time they live in.


Anti-war protestors, 1967 (Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum)
In the unstable postwar world, the United States' involvement in global conflicts had far-reaching consequences, while at home, social activism, popular culture, and the American Dream broke new ground.


John Gast, American progress, 1872, oil on canvas, 29.2 x 40 cm (Autry Museum of the American West)
A period of technological and commercial success, the Gilded Age was also an era of immense social problems.


Clovis culture
Native Americans were used to difference — there were more than 300 languages spoken in North America alone.

Before 1607

Andrew J. Russell, Joining of the rails at Promontory Point, May 10, 1869
The United States extended its territories, fought a civil war, and violently persecuted African and Native Americans.


This era began with promises of technological improvement and uncertain steps into global engagement and ends with world war and the sublime power of technological destruction.