Dr. Stephanie Chadwick

About Dr. Stephanie Chadwick

Dr. Stephanie Chadwick is an assistant professor of art history in the Department of Art at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. She earned her Ph.D. from Rice University in Houston where her focus on twentieth-century art and visual culture built upon her background in nineteenth–century art, for which she completed an M.A. at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Her research interests include modern European art and theory with an emphasis on French painting; relationships between art, literature, and colonialism; and art as multi-cultural exchange.

Detail, Picabia, "Here, This Is Stieglitz Here"
Though Picabia borrows from the popular machine aesthetic, nothing about his apparatus is functional.

Francis Picabia, Ideal

Hugo Ball performing at the Cabaret Voltaire, 1916
The avant-garde reached new heights by looking to “low” culture; after all, the whole thing started with a urinal!

Introduction to Dada

The artist mined the art of non-western cultures to locate “primal creativity”—whatever that means.

Jean Dubuffet, Childbirth