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Glassmakers create decorative vessels by blowing hot glass into an incised mold—again and again.

Mold-Blown Glass

Tapestry Weaving Getty video still
Witness the weaving process at Gobelins Manufactory in Paris, where historical techniques are still practiced.

The art of making a tapestry

Jacques-Louis David, The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis, 1818, Oil on canvas (Getty)
A restorer’s job is to make sense of a painting’s physical history and to stabilize its changeable materials.

Conservation of paintings

Making Manuscripts (Getty video still)
From scraping skin and cutting quills to painting and bookbinding, making a manuscript is a long, complex process.

Making manuscripts

From carpenters and workshop assistants to apothecaries and goldsmiths, it took a village to make a panel painting.

Gold-ground panel painting

Ancient potters prepared clay, threw vases, oversaw firing, and either added decoration or employed vase-painters.

Making Greek vases