High Museum

Sally Mann’s iconic series “Immediate Family” features intimate black-and-white photographs of the artist's children, who eat, sleep, and play in an idyllic Southern landscape.

Sally Mann, Blowing Bubbles

paa joe
Paa Joe created large-scale, painted wood sculptures that represent architectural models of Gold Coast castles and forts, which served as way stations for more than six million Africans sold into slavery and sent to the Americas and the Caribbean between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Paa Joe: Gates of No Return

mama wata
This large sculpture was made for Mami Wata, pidgin English for “Mother of Water," a charismatic being of great spiritual power celebrated in West and Central Africa and reimagined as deities such as La Sirene (Haitian Vodou) and Yemanjá (Candomblé and Umbanda) in Afro-Atlantic spiritual traditions.

“Mami Wata” figure, Igbo artist