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A Dutch doll house
A Dutch doll house

Tour a doll’s house modeled after a 17th-century Dutch home

Osias Beert, <em>Still Life with Various Vessels on a Table</em>
Osias Beert, Still Life with Various Vessels on a Table

What lies behind this ornate display of pewter, oysters, blue-and-white porcelain, and sugary sweets?

Van Mander, <i>Het Schilder-Boeck</i>
Van Mander, Het Schilder-Boeck

Van Mander rewrites art history in this book of "celebrity" artists from the Netherlands

Anthony van Dyck, <i>Self-Portrait as Icarus with Daedalus</i>
Anthony van Dyck, Self-Portrait as Icarus with Daedalus

Van Dyck paints himself as Icarus, a boy whose wings melted when he flew too close to the sun

17th-century Delftware
17th-century Delftware

Ceramics factories in Holland compete with the demand for Chinese porcelain

Rembrandt, <i>The Artist in His Studio</i>
Rembrandt, The Artist in His Studio

Rembrandt makes a case for painting and art-making as an intellectual endeavor, rather than a craft

Fashioning luxury from a coconut cup
Fashioning luxury from a coconut cup

From Indonesia to the Netherlands, this coconut encased in silver features a fish tail, a mermaid, and a chimp

<i>The Great Atlas</i>, Dutch edition
The Great Atlas, Dutch edition

A very expensive Atlas from Amsterdam attempts to map the known world to Dutch viewers

Rogier van der Weyden, <i>Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin</i>
Rogier van der Weyden, Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin

What does the Virgin Mary look like?

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