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Smarthistory Commons 15-minute Forum—another new series of conversations that will begin in January 2021. Stay tuned!

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All of them are Thursdays 1:00–1:30 pm (Eastern)

November 12

1:00–1:30 pm Eastern

How to find images you can you use 

How do you know when you can use an image for a public-facing project? What is Creative Commons licensing? How can you protect your public art history projects? What are the best strategies for finding high-resolution images that you can use for teaching and public art history?

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November 19

1:00–1:30 pm Eastern

How to make images beautiful – Photoshop basics

Straighten out that building, remove that reflection. Learn how a few easy adjustments can make photos of paintings, sculpture, and architecture ready for the classroom.

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December 3

1:00–1:30 pm Eastern

How to edit an audio using Garageband 

Remove the “ums”! In just half an hour you can learn the basics of editing audio in GarageBand. Add a few images and you’ve got a video!

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December 10

1:00–1:30 pm Eastern

How to make a quick video

Want to make exciting and effective videos? Looking for some simple strategies to dazzle your students and help them engage more with your course content? Learn some quick tips to make more compelling visual stories. 

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December 17

1:00–1:30 pm Eastern

How to make a map 

Tired of using maps in class that don’t show precisely what you want? Learn how to use Photoshop to make them yourself. It’s quick and easy. You’ll be making your own maps in no time. 

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