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Frederic Edwin Church, <em>The Iceberg</em>
Frederic Edwin Church, The Iceberg

Revisiting a frozen sea, memory and science in the 19th century

Jamie Wyeth, <em>Kalounna in Frogtown</em>
Jamie Wyeth, Kalounna in Frogtown

The Wyeths have a long history of painting the American story.

George Tooker, <em>Highway</em>
George Tooker, Highway

There is no open road

Willard Metcalf, <em>Havana Harbor</em>
Willard Metcalf, Havana Harbor

Cuban cigars, Cuban independence.

Samuel Colman, Jr., <em>Ships Unloading, New York</em>
Samuel Colman, Jr., Ships Unloading, New York

Cotton, oil, and the economics of history.

Lilly Martin Spencer, <em>The Home of the Red, White, and Blue</em>
Lilly Martin Spencer, The Home of the Red, White, and Blue

In the wake of the Civil War, mending the United States, one stitch at a time.