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Shigemi Uyeda’s <i>Reflections on the Oil Ditch</i><br>Getty Conversations
Shigemi Uyeda’s Reflections on the Oil Ditch
Getty Conversations

Using photography, Shigemi Uyeda captured the environment of Los Angeles and the growing popularity of oil production in the early 20th century.

Maria Sybilla Merian’s <i>Metamorphosis of a Small Emperor Moth on a Damson Plum</i><br>Getty Conversations
Maria Sybilla Merian’s Metamorphosis of a Small Emperor Moth on a Damson Plum
Getty Conversations

Using vibrant and varied colors, Maria Sibylla Merian systematically illustrated different stages of the development of the small emperor moth.

Meissen Porcelain Animals<br>Getty Conversations
Meissen Porcelain Animals
Getty Conversations

A Fox with a Chicken and A Turkey were part of a menagerie of over 500 life-sized porcelain animals commissioned by Augustus II "The Strong."

Male Harp Player of the Early Spedos Type<br>Getty Conversations
Male Harp Player of the Early Spedos Type
Getty Conversations

Carved from marble four thousand years ago, this sculpture begs one to wonder who this figure is, what he is singing, and who he is singing for.

Monet, <em>Wheatstacks (Snow Effect, Morning)</em><br>Getty Conversations
Monet, Wheatstacks (Snow Effect, Morning)
Getty Conversations

How does this painting by Claude Monet achieve such simplicity and complexity at the same time?

Van Gogh, <em>Irises</em><br> Getty Conversations
Van Gogh, Irises
Getty Conversations

Behind this iconic painting by Vincent van Gogh is the artist’s inspiring story about healing.

<em>Gospel Book</em><br>Getty Conversations
Gospel Book
Getty Conversations

Did you know that Ethiopia has one of the longest standing traditions of Christian practice in the world?

<em>Statue of a Victorious Youth</em> <br>Getty Conversations
Statue of a Victorious Youth
Getty Conversations

Would you believe that this ancient Greek statue was found at the bottom of the ocean by fishermen in the 1960s?

Mummy of Herakleides<br>Getty conversations
Mummy of Herakleides
Getty conversations

During ancient Egypt’s last dynasty, a massive cultural exchange occurred between Greeks and Egyptians.

Muybridge, <em>The Attitudes of Animals in Motion</em><br>Getty Conversations
Muybridge, The Attitudes of Animals in Motion
Getty Conversations

Have you ever wondered what it took to take a photograph in the 1800s?

Laudario of Sant’Agnese
Laudario of Sant’Agnese

The Laudario of Sant'Agnese is one of the most important examples of early Renaissance illumination and it was decorated by two of the most sought-after workshops at the time.

The Challenge of a Straight Line – the Concrete Art Movement
The Challenge of a Straight Line – the Concrete Art Movement

How do you create perfectly straight edges in paint? See how Brazilian and Argentinian Concrete Artists did in this video from the Getty Museum

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