At the Dulwich Picture Gallery, London

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Rembrandt, <em>Girl at a Window</em>
Rembrandt, Girl at a Window

In this painting, Rembrandt plays with the division between reality and illusion, present and past. Who’s the girl?

Gerrit Dou, <em>A Woman Playing a Clavichord</em>
Gerrit Dou, A Woman Playing a Clavichord

Are we awaiting a duet or interrupting a solo? One of Dou’s finest, this intimate scene defies easy interpretation.

Peter Paul Rubens, <em>Venus, Mars and Cupid</em>
Peter Paul Rubens, Venus, Mars and Cupid

Was it a diplomatic gift? Is it even a Rubens? Many questions surround this work; technical analysis can help.

Anthony Van Dyck, <em>Samson and Delilah</em>
Anthony Van Dyck, Samson and Delilah

Will Samson wake from his slumber? In this dramatic scene, all eyes are on those giant shears.

Jan van Huysum, <em>Vase with Flowers</em>
Jan van Huysum, Vase with Flowers

Van Huysum clearly took his time—and meditated on its passage. Here, a bird’s nest symbolizes the cycle of life.