In the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Arkansas

We have a special place in our hearts for Crystal Bridges. An amazing collection, a gorgeous building set in the water within a beautiful landscape.

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Elsie Driggs, Blast Furnaces
Elsie Driggs, Blast Furnaces

Finding beauty in American industry

Beyond New York, Bellows & World War I
Beyond New York, Bellows & World War I

Beyond the street of New York, Bellows grapples with the horrors of the First World War

Bellows, <em>Return of the Useless</em>
Bellows, Return of the Useless

The New York based ashcan artist George Bellows tackles the horrors of the First World War

A Harlem street scene by Jacob Lawrence, <em>Ambulance Call</em>
A Harlem street scene by Jacob Lawrence, Ambulance Call

Lawrence captures the vitality of Harlem and highlights the advancements in medical care for and by people of color.

Ruth Asawa, <em>Untitled</em>
Ruth Asawa, Untitled

Taking cues from Mexican basket-weaving, Asawa creates diaphanous abstract forms from woven wire.

Warhol, <em>Coca-Cola [3]</em>
Warhol, Coca-Cola [3]

With this canvas, Coca-Cola [3], Warhol becomes Warhol.

Mark Rothko, <em>No. 210/No. 211 (Orange), 1960</em>
Mark Rothko, No. 210/No. 211 (Orange), 1960

Just because a painting isn’t full of angels doesn’t mean it isn’t spiritual and transcendent.

Richard Caton Woodville, <em>War News from Mexico</em>
Richard Caton Woodville, War News from Mexico

Painted for a divided US, people from North and South could identify with this image—others remain marginalized.

Francis Guy, <em>Winter Scene in Brooklyn</em>
Francis Guy, Winter Scene in Brooklyn

This snowy image of a bygone Brooklyn is sprinkled with farm animals, townspeople... and casual racism.

James Turrell, <em>Skyscape, The Way of Color</em>
James Turrell, Skyscape, The Way of Color

A viewing station for sunrise and sunset, Turrell’s work manipulates light, time, and perception.