In the Templo Mayor Museum, Mexico City

Right in the heart of Mexico City: the Aztec Temple destroyed by the Spanish.

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<em>Monolith of Tlaltecuhtli (Earth Lord)</em>
Monolith of Tlaltecuhtli (Earth Lord)

Capable of being male or female, the Earth Lord Tlaltecuhtli is shown here as a woman who has given birth.

Tlaloc vessel
Tlaloc vessel

This vessel represents the goggle-eyed deity associated with rain and crops, critical for the agricultural Aztecs.

Olmec mask
Olmec mask

This was buried in an offering at an Aztec temple, some 1500 years later and far from where it was made.

<em>Coyolxauhqui Monolith</em>
Coyolxauhqui Monolith

The family drama that lead to Coyolxuahqui’s dismemberment represented here has great soap opera potential.

The Templo Mayor and the Coyolxauhqui Stone
The Templo Mayor and the Coyolxauhqui Stone

When the Spaniards arrived here, they were amazed by the architecture—but it didn’t stop them from destroying it.