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Anavysos Kouros
Anavysos Kouros

“Stay and mourn at the monument of dead Kroisos, who raging Ares slew as he fought in the front ranks.”

Akrotiri, Thera
Akrotiri, Thera

Hidden under volcanic ash for millennia, the beautiful frescoes in the houses of Akrotiri were recently unearthed.

<em>Male Harp Player</em> from Keros
Male Harp Player from Keros

Modern artists fell in the love with these abstract 5000 year old sculptures—but what was their real meaning?

Artemision Zeus or Poseidon
Artemision Zeus or Poseidon

This bronze god sank to the bottom of the sea where he sat for millennia, but who is he and what can he tell us?

<em>Dipylon Amphora</em>
Dipylon Amphora

As tall as a person, this pot is covered with geometric patterns and early figural representations.

<em>Mask of Agamemnon</em>
Mask of Agamemnon

“I have gazed into the face of Agamemnon,” boasted the man who discovered it—but is it really the Homeric hero?

<em>Grave stele of Hegeso</em>
Grave stele of Hegeso

See the mastery of form developed in the Classical period translated to private art on this solemn gravestone.