City and country

We think about the city and the country as opposites, but they have more to do with one another than you would expect.

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Florine Stettheimer, <em>Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz</em>
Florine Stettheimer, Portrait of Alfred Stieglitz

This portrait gives us a glimpse into the creative circle of Alfred Stieglitz in 1920s New York, with references to Georgia O'Keeffe, Arthur Dove, Henry McBride, and others.

Asher B. Durand, <em>Kindred Spirits</em>
Asher B. Durand, Kindred Spirits

One of the most recognized paintings in American history, this painting is an ode to friendship and nature

Walter Ufer, <em>Hunger</em>
Walter Ufer, Hunger

Ufer, a German immigrant to the United States, seeks an authentic American art in New Mexico on the heels of World War I and the influenza epidemic.

Georgia O’Keeffe, <em>Radiator Building—Night, New York</em>
Georgia O’Keeffe, Radiator Building—Night, New York

O'Keeffe takes on the New York skyline in the 1920s

An environmental crisis, Hogue’s <em>Crucified Land</em>
An environmental crisis, Hogue’s Crucified Land

Gashes in the land and a scarecrow crucifix speak to the environmental crisis of the Dust Bowl

Burnham and Root, The Monadnock Building
Burnham and Root, The Monadnock Building

This early skyscraper stretches the limits of how tall a brick building could be

John James Audubon, <em>The Wild Turkey</em>
John James Audubon, The Wild Turkey

This life-size painting of a wild turkey is a copy of the first page in Audubon's famous book Birds of America

Kerry James Marshall, <em>Our Town</em>
Kerry James Marshall, Our Town

The American Dream is not what it seems in this artwork that combines painting and collage

Sari Dienes, <em>Star Circle</em>
Sari Dienes, Star Circle

A plaster cast of a manhole cover from the streets of Manhattan is a testament to this artist's experimental use of materials

Hedda Sterne, <em>Number 3—1957</em>
Hedda Sterne, Number 3—1957

Stripes of industrial spray paint on this canvas recall the industrial city and undersides of highways

Eldzier Cortor, <em>Southern Landscape</em>
Eldzier Cortor, Southern Landscape

A dream-like flooded landscape—does is suggest bleakness or hope?

Landscape and the American republic, Frederic Church’s <em>Natural Bridge</em>
Landscape and the American republic, Frederic Church’s Natural Bridge

This vertical landscape of Virginia recalls ancient Roman architecture, tying the American republic to Rome's