A-Level: The elements in 2D or 3D works

Giorgione, The Tempest, c. 1506-8 (Accademia) - detail
In the distance, lightning strikes. What does it mean? Poetic and evocative, this painting invites interpretation.

Giorgione, The Tempest

Ceiling (detail), Giambattista and Domenico Tiepolo, Apollo and the Continents, Residenz Staircase, completed in 1744
Best known for their allegorical ceiling frescoes, this father-son team also produced cinematic prints.

The Tiepolo Family

Exekias, Dionysos Kylix (detail)
This cup depicts the god of wine Dionysos escaping pirates by hiding and turning them into dolphins.

Exekias, Dionysos Kylix

Correggio, Jupiter and Io, detail
With her open mouth, tilted head, and soft flesh, Io exudes sensuality, giving herself up willingly to Jupiter.

Correggio, Jupiter and Io