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Tiffany and Company used this reproductive technique to create presentation copies of a sterling silver vase.

The Electrotyping Process

Medieval craftsmen decorated metal by hammering from behind, a technique called repoussé. Watch it here!

Medieval Goldsmiths

Glassmakers create decorative vessels by blowing hot glass into an incised mold—again and again.

Mold-Blown Glass

Watch as goldsmiths demonstrate how to make traditional enamelled earrings.


Tapestry Weaving Getty video still
Witness the weaving process at Gobelins Manufactory in Paris, where historical techniques are still practiced.

The art of making a tapestry

Woodburytype (video still)
This process was invented in 1864 and achieved acclaim for its exquisite rendering of detail and its permanency.

The Woodburytype (9 of 12)