Early Renaissance in Venice

10 inches—that’s how far Venice has sunk. As sea levels and tourism rise, can this historic city survive?

Saving Venice

Oil paint in Venice
Their island climate didn’t suit fresco, so the Venetians tried oils instead—these paints blend when wet.

Oil paint in Venice

Andrea Mantegna, Dead Christ, tempera on canvas, c. 1480 - 1500 (Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan) - detail
Mantegna was fascinated by perspective. His radical foreshortening and realism focus attention on Christ’s wounds.

Andrea Mantegna, Dead Christ

Ca' d'Oro, 1422-1440, Venice
This palace no longer shimmers with gold, but its harmonious balconies and bright colors still attract the eye.

Ca’ d’Oro

Palazzo Ducale, 1340 and after, Venice
How’s that for a first impression? Open to the lagoon, this eclectic palace greets visitors with a rhythmic front.

Palazzo Ducale