Figuration the body and representation

Based on magazines dating from the 1930s to the 1970s aimed at African-American audiences, Gallagher's witty and sophisticated interventions emphasize the complex construction of identity.

Ellen Galagher, DeLuxe

In his New York City studio, Takashi Murakami discusses his three-decades-long practice in which he blends traditional and modern art techniques to create enormous paintings with a visual power unmatched in contemporary art.

Takashi Murakami

Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat uses film, video, and photography to explore issues of gender and identity, with a particular focus on women's relationships with religious cultural systems of Islam.

Shirin Neshat, ‘Dreams Are Where Our Fears ...

American-prairie style and Civil War Antebellum style dresses made out of green screen material conjure images of specific time periods in American history, as well as the tropes of womanhood, Western expansion, and Puritanism

Stephanie Syjuco, The Visible Invisible

Hurtado celebrates her first solo exhibition and discusses how her experience of motherhood and her commitment to environmental activism merge in her most recent body of work

Luchita Hurtado’s body of work

Contemporary artist Maryam Hoseini discusses her abstracted, fragmented figures in her 2019 series of paintings reimagining the 12th-century poem about Laylah and Majnun

An interview with Maryam Hoseini