This cloth—first woven by a wise spider—sends social messages through a system of specific patterns.

Kente cloth

Memorial Head (Ntiri), 17th century (?), Ghana, Adanse traditional area, Fomena, Akan people, 31.3 x 19 x 14.5 cm (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Since the 16th century, Akan women potters have created ceramic heads to serve as the focus of funerary rituals.

Memorial Head (Akan peoples)

El Anatsui, Untitled, 2009, repurposed printed aluminum, copper, 256.5 × 284.5 × 27.9 cm as installed (Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington D.C.)
The artist transforms metal from alcohol bottles into textiles that represent libations for ancestors.

El Anatsui, Untitled