Latin American Modernism: c. 1920 – 1960

Latin America produced many of the most important modernists of the 20th century. Here were artist who drew on their region’s colonial and indigenous past and its political present to create entirely new forms of public and private art.

Rufino Tamayo considered himself an international Mexican, bringing Mexican art and its cultural roots to the world and vice versa. One art school, two museums and over 2,000 works later, it is easy to see how he brought inspiration to Oaxaca, just as his birthplace inspired him and his art. Learn more about Tamayo with Roxana Velásquez, the Maruja Baldwin Executive Director and CEO of The San Diego Museum of Art.

Rufino Tamayo, The Somnambulist

Brasilia Grid
City planner Lùcio Costa’s graphic design for an ideal city was combined with architect Oscar Niemeyer’s artistic prowess and provocative use of concrete.

Building Brasília