Location City: Florence

This painting blends deep piety with scientific observation. Both its architecture and figures were radically new.

Masaccio, Holy Trinity

Cimabue, Maestà or Santa Trinita Madonna and Child Enthroned (detail), 1280-90, tempera on panel, 385 x 223 cm (Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence)
Set against gleaming gold, Mary and Christ sit on an intricately carved throne studded with gems.

Cimabue, Maestà

Donatello, St. Mark
When the citizens of Florence looked up at St. Mark, they saw a mirror of their own dignity—and of ancient nobility.

Donatello, St. Mark

Cimabue, Santa Trinita Madonna and Child Enthroned and Giotto, The Ognissanti Madonna and Child Enthroned
Only decades apart—but what a difference. Next to Giotto’s substantial Virgin, Cimabue’s appears flat yet elegant.

Cimabue and Giotto compared

Donatello Mary Magdalene - detail
This difficult sculpture is an exercise in contrasts: frailty and power, pure spirituality and anatomical accuracy.

Donatello, Mary Magdalene