Location Country: Peru

Sinners depicted along the lower register receive an array of bodily tortures; the souls in heaven, by contrast, surround the ascended Christ in an orderly formation.

Diego Quispe Tito, Last Judgment, 1675

Cuzco School paintings came into such high demand that they were exported to patrons residing in far-flung cities located in present-day Chile and Argentina, and even Italy.

Our Lady of Cocharcas and the ...

The inhabitants of the Andes developed a stunning visual tradition that lasted over 10,000 years before the Spanish invasion of South America in 1532.

Introduction to Ancient Andean Art

Stereotypical folkloric scenes were widely circulated, shaping perceptions of Latin America at home and abroad.


Nasca culture
These images carved into the desert floor cannot be truly appreciated from the ground—so who were they made for?

Nasca Geoglyphs

Machu Picchu
The Inka emperor hosted feasts, performed religious ceremonies, and ruled his empire from this remote citadel.

Machu Picchu

It has been argued that Cusco was laid out in the shape of a puma, symbolizing Inka might.

City of Cusco