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Stupa introductory image, great stupa of Sanchi
A mound of dirt or the body of the Buddha? These sacred sites give practitioners insight into the Four Noble Truths.

The Great Stupa at Sanchi

The archaeological site of Knossos (on the island of Crete) —traditionally called a palace—is the second most popular tourist attraction in all of Greece.

The Palace at Knossos (Crete)

Apollo 11 caves stones
All evidence points to Africa as the origin of our species … is Africa also the birthplace of art?

Apollo 11 Cave Stones

Shore Temple
A temple with three shrines, this majestic complex faces the sea and features a rich sculptural program.

Shore Temple, Mamallapuram

Achilles sacrificing Trojan prisoners to the shade of Patroclus, tablinum of the François Tomb, Vulci (Villa Albani, Rome)
The François Tomb is chock-full of elaborate frescoes with complicated messages we may never fully understand.

The François Tomb

Stereotypical folkloric scenes were widely circulated, shaping perceptions of Latin America at home and abroad.


The enormous west front of Lincoln Cathedral stacks Gothic lancets over rounded Romanesque arches. Inside, “crazy vaults” render space illegible.

Lincoln Cathedral

Hidden behind a brightly painted, screen-like façade, the medieval musicians of Wells Cathedral played for crowds assembled outside.

Wells Cathedral

Durham Cathedral
Spiral columns, carved zig-zags, round arches—at Durham, the rhythmic Anglo-Norman Romanesque pulses with life.

Durham Cathedral

Mask with Nose Ornament, c. 500 B.C.E.–1600 C.E., gold alloy, 15.5 x 18 cm, Quimbaya © The Trustees of the British Museum. This spectacular hammered mask with a dangling nose ornament would probably have been placed on top of the face of a funerary bundle – the wrapped body of the deceased—transforming him into an ancestor and semi-divine figure.
For centuries Europeans were dazzled by the idea of a lost city of gold in South America… but did it really exist?

Ancient Colombian goldmaking