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Jar depicting figure in exotic landscape, c. 1675­–1700, tin-glazed earthenware, Puebla, Mexico, 46 cm high (Art Institute of Chicago)
Talavera poblana, the distinct blue-and-white ceramics from Puebla Mexico, have a complex and fascinating history of transpacific and transatlantic connections.

Talavera poblana

Drum from Sông Đà, Vietnam. Đông Sơn II culture. Mid-1st millennium BCE. Bronze.
The Đông Sơn drum developed an important status in Southeast Asia and they can be considered one of the first animated objects of the Bronze Age.

Đông Sơn Drums

Osiris, Isis, Horus, Ra, Hathor, Seth, Taweret—With more than 1,500 named deities, the Egyptian pantheon was complex and vast

Egyptian deities