Native American art after 1600

Native societies across North American developed diverse material cultures that reflect the character of their regions and respond to the universal issues of human and spiritual existence.

North Wind mask
The Yup’ik peoples, in one of the world’s coldest climates, made these ceremonial masks during the long winters.

North Wind Mask

Native American Northwest
Wearers can toggle between the faces of animals and mythical beings—all with the tug of a string.

Transformation masks

Feathered war bonnet
Coachella style has perpetuated stereotypes—but war bonnets have important cultural and spiritual significance.

Feathered war bonnet

Detail, Bandolier Bag, Western Great Lakes, late 19th century, broadcloth, wool, cotton, beads, brass buttons
These bags imitated the ones European soldiers carried their ammunition in, and were worn during ceremonies.

Bandolier Bag