New Spain: c. 1521 – 1821

Here you’ll find art and culture from the time of the European invasion of the Americas to the end of the colonial era—including one of the most remarkable examples of cross cultural influence ever made (the Screen with the Siege of Belgrade and Hunting Scene).

Jar depicting figure in exotic landscape, c. 1675­–1700, tin-glazed earthenware, Puebla, Mexico, 46 cm high (Art Institute of Chicago)
Talavera poblana, the distinct blue-and-white ceramics from Puebla Mexico, have a complex and fascinating history of transpacific and transatlantic connections.

Talavera poblana

huexotzinco codex grid
The images in the Huexotzinco Codex help us to learn more about tribute, conquest and the conditions of colonialism, Native agency, Nahua writing systems, Indigenous knowledge, the importance of images, early Christianity in the Americas, and legal disputes. 

The Codex Huexotzinco