Robert Rauschenberg, Bed, 1955, oil and pencil on pillow, quilt, and sheet on wood supports, 191.1 x 80 x 20.3 cm (The Museum of Modern Art) © 2013 Robert Rauschenberg Foundation
Rauschenberg includes a pillow and a quilt in this work—elements of a bed—but no one will use it for a nap.

Robert Rauschenberg, Bed

(L) Roy Lichtenstein, Girl with a Ball, 1961, oil on canvas, 60 1/4 x 36 1/4" (153 x 91.9 cm) (Museum of Modern Art, New York); (R) Detail of face showing Lichtenstein's painted Benday dots)
Pop seems to glorify popular culture, but a second look reveals a critique of post-war marketing and consumerism.

Pop Art

Robert Rauschenberg, Canyon, 1959, oil, pencil, paper, metal, photograph, fabric, wood, canvas, buttons, mirror, taxidermied eagle, cardboard, pillow, paint tube and other materials, 207.6 x 177.8 x 61 cm (The Museum of Modern Art)
Clothing, paper, a paint tube, photographs, and a stuffed bald eagle—but it’s more than an accumulation of debris.

Robert Rauschenberg, Canyon