Seeing America (all works)

A portal to American history and art

Seeing America was created by Smarthistory with 16 leading museums and examines the long history of the United States, from before European settlers to the modern era.

Horace Pippin, Mr. Prejudice, 1943. oil on canvas, 46 x 35.9 cm (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
The ongoing struggle against discrimination in the U.S. undermined the sense of victory for African Americans in both world wars.

Horace Pippin, Mr. Prejudice

Thomas Eakins, The Agnew Clinic, 1889, oil on canvas, 214 cm × 300 cm (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
From the silver used to make colonial sugar bowls to the steel used in submarines—how work, exchange, and technology have shaped the United States.

Work, exchange, and technology