Francisco Oller and the Puerto Rican landscape with Dr. Tamara Calcaño and Dr. Maya Jimenez

Past Event: Thursday, Oct.12.2023

Francisco Oller y Cestero, Hacienda Aurora, 1898, Oil on panel, 12 5/8 × 21 7/8 in. (32 × 55.6 cm), Museo de Arte de Ponce.

Starting from the views granted by the doors and windows of the bohío in The Wake, we will consider how Francisco Oller approached different features of the Puerto Rican landscape through Impressionism, his preferred style for representing the natural world. Landscape paintings of ceiba and palm trees, as well as representations of fruits like plantains and coconuts, will also allow us to explore themes of nationalism and cultural identity in 19th-century Puerto Rico. Join Dr. Tamara Calcaño and Dr. Maya Jimenez for this teaching webinar.