Europe 1300 – 1800

From the Renaissance to the French Revolution.

1300 - 1800

The Renaissance: beginner's guide and key concepts

With a new focus on the mobility of things, people, and ideas in the early modern period.

Places and periods

Italy, 14th century

Italy, 14th century

Italy<br>15th century

15th century

Italy<br>16th century

16th century

Northern Europe<br>15th century

Northern Europe
15th century

Northern Europe<br>16th century

Northern Europe
16th century

Spain<br>15 - 16th century

15 - 16th century

Reformation and Counter-Reformation

Reformation and Counter-Reformation

Baroque<br>17th century

17th century

Rococo<br>early to mid 18th century

early to mid 18th century

Neoclassicism<br>late 18th century

late 18th century

British Art<br>18th century

British Art
18th century

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A lot happens! We begin with the Late Gothic, proceed through the Renaissance and the Baroque, and end with the French Revolution.

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