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Guadalupe Maravilla, <em>Requiem For My Border Crossing</em>
Guadalupe Maravilla, Requiem For My Border Crossing

Guadalupe Maravilla was brought to the United States by a coyote (or human trafficker) as an undocumented eight-year-old, fleeing civil war in El Salvador—and his work grapples with that experience

Jaime Carrejo, <em>Border/Land</em>
Jaime Carrejo, Border/Land

Jaime Carrejo’s sculpture installations force viewers to see “the border” differently, and was inspired by the queer Chicana poet, writer, and theorist Gloria Anzaldúa

An interview with Alfredo Jaar
An interview with Alfredo Jaar

Is culture a prison? Alfredo Jaar discusses how two Italian thinkers influenced his work Infinite Cell

Raúl de Nieves, <i>Beginning & the end neither & the otherwise betwixt & between the end is the beginning & the end</i>
Raúl de Nieves, Beginning & the end neither & the otherwise betwixt & between the end is the beginning & the end

With gaffers tape, paper, and color gels, de Nieves creates a stained-glass narrative that begins with personal struggle and self-doubt, but ends with "a celebration of life."

Julie Mehretu, <i>HOWL, eon (I, II)</i>
Julie Mehretu, HOWL, eon (I, II)

Julie Mehretu rethinks American landscape painting by merging its sublime imagery with the harsh realities not depicted

Minerva Cuevas, <i>Crossing of the Rio Bravo</i>
Minerva Cuevas, Crossing of the Rio Bravo

Minerva Cuevas looks back on "Crossing of the Rio Bravo" (2010), a work in which she painted a bridge across a riverbed that divides Mexico and the United States.

Richard Misrach, <i>Border Cantos</i>
Richard Misrach, Border Cantos

Photographer Richard Mirach recounts his work, from his early political aspirations in the 1970s to his current series about left-behind artifacts along the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Postcommodity arts collective
Postcommodity arts collective

Interdisciplinary collective Postcommodity creates site-specific installations and interventions that critically examine our modern-day institutions and systems through the history and perspectives of Indigenous people

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, <i>Border Tuner</i>
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Border Tuner

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer embarks on his most ambitious project to date: an enormous intercom system at the border between El Paso and Juárez that allows participants from both sides to speak and listen to each other via radio-enabled searchlights

Tanya Aguiñiga, <i>Metabolizing the Border</i>
Tanya Aguiñiga, Metabolizing the Border

Binational artist Tanya Aguiñiga pushes the power of art to transform the United States-Mexico border from a site of trauma to a creative space for personal healing and collective expression.

Jamie Wyeth, <em>Kalounna in Frogtown</em>
Jamie Wyeth, Kalounna in Frogtown

The Wyeths have a long history of painting the American story.

Julie Mehretu, <em>Stadia II</em>
Julie Mehretu, Stadia II

In this work, a contemporary Ethiopian artist explores the utopian potential of chaos in a globalizing world.

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