At the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme

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Augustus as <em>Pontifex Maximus</em>
Augustus as Pontifex Maximus

Devout and serene, this portrait of Augustus showcases one of the numerous positions held by the first emperor of ancient Rome—as chief high priest (in Latin: Pontifex Maximus).

Myron, <em>Discobolus (Discus Thrower)</em>
Myron, Discobolus (Discus Thrower)

Coiled with athletic energy, balance, and the promise of movement, see the potential of an idealized human body.

Apollonius, <em>Boxer at Rest</em> (or <em>The Seated Boxer</em>)
Apollonius, Boxer at Rest (or The Seated Boxer)

Look closely to see bloody wounds and a lifetime of scars on this defeated athlete.

Painted Garden, Villa of Livia
Painted Garden, Villa of Livia

Step into a stunning painted garden that gives insight into the flora and fauna of ancient Rome.