The School of Paris

In the center of the European pre-war art world, artists experimented with a variety of styles and media.

c. 1904 - 1939

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Marc Chagall, <i>Half-Past Three (The Poet)</i>
Marc Chagall, Half-Past Three (The Poet)

Chagall renders conventional, but strikingly personal, elements of his Parisian studio in a truly unconventional way: as a set of intersecting and overlapping lines and prismatic planes

Amedeo Modigliani, <em>Young Woman in a Shirt</em>
Amedeo Modigliani, Young Woman in a Shirt

“Wearing” would be much too strong a word for this woman’s relationship to her shirt.

Constantin Brancusi, <em>The Kiss</em>
Constantin Brancusi, The Kiss

Brancusi retains the materiality of the stone, honoring it rather than denying it as past artists had done.

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