The “Queen of the Night” Relief, 1800-1750 B.C.E., Old Babylonian, baked straw-tempered clay, 49 x 37 x 4.8 cm © Trustees of the British Museum
For two thousand years, Babylon’s lost Tower and Hanging Gardens have haunted European imagination.

Babylonia, an introduction

Pieter Bruegel the Elder, The Tower of Babel, 1563, oil on panel, 114 × 155 cm (Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna)
Artists have depicted the Tower of Babel throughout the ages, a symbol of the extraordinary—but it did exist.

Towers of Babel

The Liver Tablet, tablet, Old Babylonian, Sippar
What do the 60-minute clock and the zodiac have in common? The answer lies in ancient Babylon.

The Babylonian mind

Country: Iraq Site: Babylon Caption: View towards reconstructions from Hussein Palace, from southeast Image Date: June 22, 2009
Even today with international tourism waning in the face of military threats, Iraqis regularly visit this famous site.

Visiting Babylon