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The Futurists called for the destruction of museums, libraries, and cultural monuments and glorified modern technology and the speed of automobiles, trains, and airplanes.

Umberto Boccioni and the Futurist City

Kandinsky believed that humankind was on the verge of a cataclysmic change from the current, materialistic epoch to an “Epoch of the Great Spiritual.”

Kandinsky, Apocalypse, Abstraction

Which one is “true,” the one that tricks the viewer into thinking it is really there, or the one that announces itself as what it is, lines drawn on paper?

Juan Gris, The Table

Henri Rousseau The Dream 1910
Artist Henri Rousseau painted The Dream in 1910, and it's imagery of a woman lounging on a sofa in the jungle was as surreal then as it is today.

Why Is This Woman in the Jungle? ...

Despite its often baffling innovations, one of the defining features of Cubism is its engagement with the Western painting tradition.

Georges Braque, Violin and Palette