Charles Wiebe

Charles Wiebe has been a visual arts professional for over thirty years. He has served as curator, art gallery director, educator, author and editor. He earned a BA in Printmaking from West Virginia University and an MA in the History of Art & Architecture from the Pennsylvania State University; with dissertation and thesis research on American and Italian Renaissance architecture. He has lectured in art history at the University of Pittsburgh as well as Point Park University; currently teaching the history of architecture and modern art at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He also serves as Subject Matter Expert on Art, in charge of revising course content on the Humanities Faculty of the University of Phoenix, where for the past ten years he has also taught film studies; since 2009 he has contributed over 200 online articles on film related topics. From 1980 to 2002 he directed three different Pittsburgh area art galleries; curating several hundred exhibitions and publishing various catalogues on contemporary art. He is also recognized as an authority on Japanese woodblock prints.