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Martin Puryear, <em>Lookout</em>
Martin Puryear, Lookout

Pierced with holes, this architectural sculpture offers both shelter from and exposure to the surrounding elements.

Beatriz Cortez, <em>Ilopango, The Volcano That Left</em>
Beatriz Cortez, Ilopango, The Volcano That Left

The ancient volcano Ilopango is reimagined in this welded steel sculpture.

Maya Lin, <em>Ghost Forest</em>
Maya Lin, Ghost Forest

Installed in Madison Square Park, these skeletal trees express the devastation of climate change.

Weaving the landscape: DY Begay’s <em>The Edge</em>
Weaving the landscape: DY Begay’s The Edge

This contemporary tapestry captures the colors and formations of Diné bíkéyah, the land of the Diné people.

Mark Dion, <em>Neukom Vivarium</em>
Mark Dion, Neukom Vivarium

Dion believes the work brings the forgotten phenomenon of a natural cycle of life back into the city.

Binh Danh, <em>Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite CA, May 31, 2012</em>
Binh Danh, Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite CA, May 31, 2012

Can we ever really see and experience a site without comparing it to the photographs of that same scene?

Noel Harding, <em>The Elevated Wetlands</em>
Noel Harding, The Elevated Wetlands

The Elevated Wetlands is one of the first and most enduringly effective pieces of eco art in Canada.

Mel Chin, <em>Operation Paydirt</em>
Mel Chin, Operation Paydirt

Operation Paydirt addresses the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Artist Dale Harding – ‘Environment is Part of Who You Are’
Artist Dale Harding – ‘Environment is Part of Who You Are’

‘If the work doesn’t relate to your family and your community, then what’s the point?’, Harding asks.

Courtney Leonard, <em>ARTIFICE Ellipse</em>, 2016
Courtney Leonard, ARTIFICE Ellipse, 2016

A commentary on an endangered way of life.

Maya Lin’s Silver Upper White River
Maya Lin’s Silver Upper White River

The river's brilliant reflections gave shape to this enormous sculpture of silver.

Sebastião Salgado’s Kuwait
Sebastião Salgado’s Kuwait

Finding heroism amidst one of the earth's most destructive environmental disasters

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