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Abdoulaye Ndoye, <em>Ahmed Baba</em>
Abdoulaye Ndoye, Ahmed Baba

Ahmed Baba relates to Ndoye’s experiences in Timbuktu and his participation in the 2013 workshop organized in the aftermath of—and in response to—the destruction of cultural heritage.

Ceremonial robe (agbádá ìlèkè), Yoruba artist
Ceremonial robe (agbádá ìlèkè), Yoruba artist

In style, the Dejì’s robe is an example of the type of large, loose-fitting gowns worn by elite men as prestige attire across western Africa.

Guancho Diarra, woman’s wrapper (bògòlanfini)
Guancho Diarra, woman’s wrapper (bògòlanfini)

This wrapper by Guancho Diarra is a classic example of a long-standing Malian textile tradition. 

Married Woman’s Apron (<em>itjogolo</em> or <em>ijogolo</em>), Ndebele peoples
Married Woman’s Apron (itjogolo or ijogolo), Ndebele peoples

These decorated aprons were gifts from the groom’s family to his wife, and signified her new role in society.

Courtney Leonard, <em>ARTIFICE Ellipse</em>, 2016
Courtney Leonard, ARTIFICE Ellipse, 2016

A commentary on an endangered way of life.

Velino Shije Herrera (Ma Pe Wi), <em>Design, Tree and Birds</em>
Velino Shije Herrera (Ma Pe Wi), Design, Tree and Birds

The Pueblo Modernism of Velino Shije Herrera.

The bandolier bag
The bandolier bag

From quills to beads: the bandolier bag.

History and deception: Kenseth Armstead’s <em>Surrender Yorktown 1781</em>
History and deception: Kenseth Armstead’s Surrender Yorktown 1781

How can we begin to correct the lies of history? Artist Kenseth Armstead suggests a poetic solution.

Uche Okeke
Uche Okeke

Nigerian independence inspired artists to develop a new national and artistic identity based on “natural synthesis.”