Ottonian art

Otto I lends his name to the “Ottonian” period. The Ottonian kings were determined to define themselves as Roman Emperors in the style of Constantine and Charlemagne.

c. 936–1015 C.E.

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Cross of Lothair II
Cross of Lothair II

Large, colorful gems ornament this magnificent Ottonian cross, likely made for emperor Otto III.

Ottonian art, an introduction
Ottonian art, an introduction

Otto I was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in 962. He lent his name to two successors—and left a rich artistic legacy.

Bronze doors, Saint Michael’s, Hildesheim (Germany)
Bronze doors, Saint Michael’s, Hildesheim (Germany)

These monumental medieval doors look back to ancient models. Read the biblical narrative down and up, or left to right.

<em>Gospel Book of Otto III</em>
Gospel Book of Otto III

This manuscript is over a thousand years old. Among its magnificent paintings, Otto III sits on his throne.

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