Surrealism in Latin America

Begun in Europe, Surrealism soon crossed the Atlantic and took on a new life in Latin America.

c. 1925 - 1950

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Frida Kahlo, <em>Self-Portrait with Monkey</em>
Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait with Monkey

Kahlo’s art looks at Mexico's indigenous heritage, colonial history and post-revolutionary future.

Frida Kahlo, <em>Frieda and Diego Rivera</em>​
Frida Kahlo, Frieda and Diego Rivera

Diego is sturdy, solid, unmoving. Frida looks out, quizzically, and with her hand on his, seems to be breaking free.

Wifredo Lam, <em>The Jungle</em>
Wifredo Lam, The Jungle

This Cuban artist united European Surrealism with Afro-Caribbean culture.

Frida Kahlo, <em>The Two Fridas (Las dos Fridas)</em>
Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas (Las dos Fridas)

In her double self-portrait, Kahlo wears both European garb and the Indigenous clothing she grew to prefer.

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