Postwar abstraction

Artists in the United States worked in a variety of styles outside of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, and Pop, including other forms of abstraction all their own.

1945 - 1980

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Alma Thomas, <em>Lunar Rendezvous—Circle of Flowers</em>
Alma Thomas, Lunar Rendezvous—Circle of Flowers

Thomas takes inspiration from both the 1969 moon landing and her backyard garden

Gee’s Bend, quilting over generations
Gee’s Bend, quilting over generations

Gee's Bend quilts challenge notions of what is — and what is not — modern art.

Ruth Asawa, <em>Untitled</em>
Ruth Asawa, Untitled

Taking cues from Mexican basket-weaving, Asawa creates diaphanous abstract forms from woven wire.

Josef Albers, <em>Homage to the Square</em>
Josef Albers, Homage to the Square

Can color alone create dimension? Albers did the research.

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