Postwar figurative art

Despite the popularity of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism, many American artists remained committed to figural representation—with a critical edge.

1945 - 1980

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Faith Ringgold, <em>Ben</em>
Faith Ringgold, Ben

Politics, experience, and humanity on the streets of 1970s New York

Duane Hanson, <em>Executive</em>, originally titled, <em>Another Day</em>
Duane Hanson, Executive, originally titled, Another Day

Museum visitors often mistake this sculpture for a real person

Jess, <em>If All the World Were Paper and All the Water Sink</em>
Jess, If All the World Were Paper and All the Water Sink

From the Manhattan Project to nursery rhymes, a collision of art and science.

Benny Andrews, <em>Flag Day</em>
Benny Andrews, Flag Day

Does the figure emerge from the stripes of the flag, or do they imprison him?

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